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Coming into Force Details – Please visit the CFI News wire Page for updates

Quick Clarification – Coming into Force Sept 2nd
  • POL to PAL is automatic and the firearms owner does not have any paperwork to complete or hoops to jump through.
  • ATT’s – Don’t burn those ATT’s just yet.
    ATT’s Provision of Licensing – Effective Sept 2nd says the Federal Government – however – the process has yet to be defined for the CFO’s or the firearms community.

Our advice – until we hear what the specific process will be – is DON’T ASSUME. If your ATT expires – renew it. If you have questions – call your provincial CFO’s office.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.


Harper Government announces new provisions of the Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act are coming into force
 July 31, 2015, Ottawa, Ontario,Public Safety Canada

Today, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, the Honourable Steven Blaney, announced the coming into force of two additional provisions under the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act.

Effective September 2, 2015, these changes to the Firearms Act will come into force:

  • The elimination of the Possession Only Licence (POL) and conversion of all existing POLs to Possession and Acquisition Licences (PALs); and
  • The Authorization to Transport (ATT) becoming a condition of a licence for certain routine and lawful activities.


 Dear Firearms Owner,

A federal election is just months away. We need your help to truly impact public policy and protect the rights and freedoms of gun enthusiasts.

How often do you think advocacy groups successfully lobby politicians to overturn legislation? The honest truth is, not very often. And yet, in recent years CFI and other advocacy groups successfully lobbied for the elimination of the wasteful Long-Gun Registry.(read more)